A beginner's guide to resurrection.


Gravity: a familiarity with graves

Death: loss of breath in the dark

Life: the peculiar desperation, or dance, to outrun/accept Death and Gravity.


What is it to be alive?

You start naked.  This can be awkward.  Or not.  Stories recommend gardens for adjustment.  Expect people not to recognize you, unless you decide to call them by name.  Don't mind locked doors.  Who said anything about knocking?

Church is out of the question.  Something about ruining their curtains.  This doesn't matter as you prefer walking with strangers anyway.

You can say grace, disappear, touch women, build campfires on the beach, and eat with friends.  You should probably go fishing.

Get up early.  The dark will sometimes smell like the grave.  When this happens, go outside first thing where the birdsong gives it away.

Remember what it was like to be 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, before everything happened.  Think about different planets' rotations and how some days are longer than others.  Count down from 40.

Find a good hill to ascend on.

Eat more fish.  Only let the doubters in on the wound and save some time for your impetuous friend.  Don't soothe.  Speak in present tense.

And yes, plant flowers under that lynching tree.  Choose perennials.  What you both did took guts.