Does any of this sound familiar?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. You showed up. Things didn’t work out, things aren’t working out. What’s the deal? What did you miss? If we’re honest, you’re getting a little more skeptical and a little more discouraged as you look around and think “am I the only one?” You feel lonely, burnt out, depressed, or nothing at all. Places you used to find meaning and community and purpose no longer see you or looked away the moment you started leaning in to who you are. You have internal walls up that you try to break (or have broken) down only to find that being known wasn’t what you thought it would be. It may have even brought you harm. You realize there isn’t a place to voice these concerns, frustrations, or ideas within certain relationships. Your internal dialogue stays the same no matter how much you engage, and you’re noticing everyone keeps saying the same things. Your life is complex and difficult when you tell the truth and you still feel like you’re too much and somehow still not enough.


What if

it didn’t have to be this way?

Really, I mean it. What if I told you that all these things you’re feeling are meant to be explored? That your experience of failure, doubt, or isolation, habits of fear, or procrastination actually hold unique gifts to offer the world. That the walls you built are there for really kind reasons and deserve to be known brick by brick with care and intention. That your concerns and frustration given a safe space reveal ideas and healing you need to see brought forth. What if you could get off the crazy train of one more hit of an inspirational quote, or venting session, and truly understand where radical self acceptance and grace begin and then take the leap…when You are ready. What if you knew your muchness was made for more, and realized being not enough was a trait that you loved? What if your life didn’t have to have meaning, before you belonged to, and chose that for, your own beautiful self?


ARe you ready

to belong to yourself again?

Do you find yourself saying yes to any of these: I’m ready to know my story in a safe space. I’m ready to be kind to my invulnerability and understand my walls before asking them to break down. I’m ready to stop saying “I need to be more ____” and begin loving who I already am. I’m ready to love my muchness and my not enoughness. I’m ready to step off the merry-go-round of platitudes and onto the ground of the world I desire to live in. I’m ready to own my frustration and tell the truth to myself first. I’m ready to listen to the thoughts inside my head and learn how to care for them well.


It’s good

to see you

I’m Katherine Sleadd…

…most of my friends call me Kat, and I’m a trauma informed life coach for humans who have suffered spiritual or relational harm who are ready to heal their internal dialogue and begin understanding how their unique story can lead them towards the healing and community they desire.


This is for you

if you are:
Ready to stop hiding from yourself
Ready to ask the questions you’re afraid of
Ready to feel uncertainty in a safe space
Ready to listen to your body
Ready to begin again


This is not

for you

if you:
Need to avoid doubt
Need to protect a system
Need Jesus to be the answer
Need a mental health diagnosis
Need intensive care


What is Trauma Informed?

My background and education is within a method called trauma focused narrative therapy. To be trauma informed means that my coaching practice is equipped with knowledge and understanding to honor the past stories that surface when we begin to know ourselves in the present with the intention of growth and future purpose for our lives.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Therapy is past oriented and certified to diagnose. Coaching is present and future oriented and not currently regulated. I am a coach currently pursuing a degree in psychology and counseling. I chose to begin a coaching practice because I have experience in this field and desired to create a way for clients to work with me now.

What can i expect in a session?

My coaching style is curiosity based and wants to know both who you are and who you desire to be. From there, as we get to know your story, themes emerge that we can engage together. This enables us to build a safe container and healing practice unique to you, your lifestyle, and needs. As a coach I believe the internal dialogue patterns we have today began in younger parts of ourselves. I seek to engage these original narratives from the work of the present and your embodied experience in order to restore a path of self love and acceptance. This is ultimately what transforms our lives, creatives pursuits, careers, health, and relationships into what we long for them to be.

What is the cost and commitment?

My coaching sessions are 50 minutes weekly, virtual or in-seat, and you are able to choose your time slot online. The cost is $75 per session billed week to week when scheduling, with a 24 hour cancellation policy. It’s best to begin with a three month commitment as we work together to create a care and creative plan for your growth moving forward.

Can we meet less frequently?

For our initial sessions, it is important to engage weekly to create a space that facilitates growth and healing. Beginning to care for our mental health is like starting to exercise again. The movement towards healing for our hearts is best done with consistency and a good finish line in mind. once we have been working together for three months, we can assess your needs and desire for continued work. I currently offer biweekly as the alternative option at the same per session rate after this initial period.

What can I expect to change?

Your relationship to your own heart. Your understanding of emotions that you fear. Your resilience to external/internal criticism. Your ability to set boundaries with ease and kindness. Your capacity to work through roadblocks towards your personal goals, multiplying the effectiveness of your creative and restorative practices.


This is for you, if you are in the desert. This is for you even if that desert is surrounded by people you know that you’re grateful for. This is for you if you need room to process. This is for you if the circumstances of your life feel indescribable or unbearable. This is for you in the place that no one understands. I’m here, I see you, let’s walk this road together.