The fruits of the spirit

So you thought

this heartbreak

would let up


that first draft

left a door open


with all that you had,

walked out


After years of work

you're tired

it would take a miracle

to start again


Somehow you did

and found yourself

learning to use

the ache

for more


You loved it into poetry and

mixed in peace through watercolor

It sprinted out with joy

at the end of a run

Welcomed some new friends

to share a holyday

And served that sent-home-slice

of Chocolate Pecan Pie


Lonely moves

Towards alone

And embraces

the heart



Wherein lies

the fatal



The patience a kindness

learned to offer the self becomes

fidelity with a presence too

good to be true


And so you're there and back again

Despised and rejected, was it?


This acquaintance of grief...


When it knocks


You invite it in

to sit at the table

like a long lost friend


"What do we do now?"

It asks

and You reply,

"We keep

making beautiful things"