Be Seen

Photography is a window that lets you in on the secret that is your life.  A passing glance, faces of laughter, strangers turned friends, or the afternoon sun at your new office are all pointing towards something in the details, inviting you to remember what's brought you here and pushing life on towards more.  Whether it is the gift of memory, as love and children grow quickly, or a showcase of the work you bring to the world, my passion is to catch your dreams mid flight.  Because you, most of all, deserve to see the wonder your life brings.  

Presence is a quest that begins with your story.  Let's start together.  



Let's be real.  Maybe you dress up, maybe you don't, maybe your house is clean, maybe it's not, and maybe that's not only okay, it's actually beautiful.  This shoot is for the part of you that wants to take a deep breath and know who you are is enough.  It's a time for play, adventure, and welcoming this place in time.  You do life and I'll take care of the rest.  
Starting at $250



The classic photo shoot.  This is for any special occasion, or that perfect Christmas card (and trust me, I know how to create an epic Christmas card).  Make this as glamorous or as understated as you please.  Packages include styling consultation and personal shopping assistance to keep your planning stress free and easy.   
Starting at $325



Starting a new venture, or need something more than your iPhone to give your social media a boost?  This package is available as a one time or ongoing service based on your business needs.  Let's sit down and talk about the hats you're wearing because with the plates you're spinning, photography doesn't have to be one of them.  Plus, you can't take a selfie with all those cool plates and hats.
Starting at $325
Subscriptions starting at $100




You have something planned.  It's a week long retreat, one day workshop, or evening gala.  It's taking as much detailed work as a wedding.  You realize you ought to have a photographer, someone to make sure the event is documented in all its quirks and glory without making a fuss.  Let me capture you doing what you do best with what I do best.  Available worldwide.
Starting at $500